RE:    RENTAL OF SEGWAY™ HUMAN TRANSPORTER Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD)

  1. I am aware that operating an Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD) known as a Segway™ HT involves many inherent risks, dangers and hazards including but not limited to traffic conditions, weather conditions, exposed stones, earth, ice, trees and other natural objects, exposed holes, impact or collision with other machines, the failure to operate the machine in a safe fashion, the negligence of others.

  2. I agree to wear approved headgear at all times whilst using the Segway HT EPAMD 

  3. I voluntarily assume all of the risks of injury, death and property damage, personal and third party, regardless of cause.

  4. I understand clearly that by agreeing to  this Release I and my heirs and/or agents will be forever prevented from suing or otherwise claiming against BOATS BYTES BICYCLES, LLC (DBA Segs in the City)., its officers, employees and/or agents, for any loss or damages connected with any property loss or personal injury that I sustain or that I cause to others or their property, while operating the Segway whether or not such loss or injury is caused solely or partly by the negligence of BOATS BYTES BICYCLES, LLC, its officers, employees and/or agents.

  5.  I accept for use this equipment as is and accept full responsibility for the care of the equipment while it is in my possession.   I commit to return the equipment by the agreed time/date to the location specified by BOATS BYTES BICYCLES, LLC. in same, clean condition.

  6. I accept responsibility for the prompt replacement at full retail value of all rental equipment not returned and agree to pay for repair, as specified by BOATS BYTES BICYCLES, LLC or its agents of equipment returned in a damaged condition.

  7. I avow that I am not taking medication that will impair my judgment or ability to control the Segway HT EPAMD.

  8.  I agree that I will not operate the Segway HT EPAMD whilst under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance.   

  9.  I agree to be the sole operator of the Segway HT EPAMD while it is in my care. 

  10. I agree to obey all instructions and directions given to me by any officer, employee or agent of Boats Bytes Bicycles LLC.

  11. I state that I have read this release of liability and understand it and agree to all terms and conditions contained herein.