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Washington DC Segway Tours Discover DC Safari

Our selection of DC Safari tours offer a range of options for all tastes and preferences.
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The Annual National Cherry Blossom Festival commences March 20 thru April 14.

Look for the cherry tree next to the safari for the best cherry peeping tours 


Segway Tour of the Capitol

 Discover DC Safari    

9.30am, 1.30pm
Duration:    2.5 Hours
Cost:           $64 pp

               Discover DC Safari

The Discover DC Safari is ideal for new visitors to the city and locals looking for something exciting to do with their in town guests.

This safari takes approximately two and a half hours and commences with a short training session. When everyone is comfortable we start the tour which includes an exhilirating ride down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol .
This tour gives you plenty of photo ops and the opportunity to see some of the most memorable sites for which DC is famous.
  Below is a list of sites you will see on your ride.



Safari Highlights

  •  FBI Building, Navy Memorial, National Archives, Canadian Embassy

  • West Side of the Capitol

  • Smithsonian Museums, Art Gallery, National Mall

  • WW11 Memorial, DC WW1 Memorial

  • Lincoln, Vietnam War and Korean War Memorials

  • Washington Monument

  •  South side of the White House


Segway Tour Memorial Highlights 

DC Highlights Safari    

10.30am, 2.30pm, 7pm*
2 Hours
$65 pp

* 7pm - June 1st thru September 2 only

              Memorial Highlights Safari

The DC Highlights Safari caters to those that desire a shorter experience while still catching some of the key attractions of the National Mall.

This Safari  features a stunning ride around the mall.Below is a list of sites you will see along the ride.

Safari Highlights

  • Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial

  • WWII Memorial

  • White House, Old Executive Building, Lafayette Park


Segway Tour of the Monuments

 Monumental Safari    

Various Morning and Afternoon Tours Available book now to see times

Duration:    3.5 Hours
$75 pp

                   Discover DC Safari


The Monumental Safari takes you through the National Mall to all the majestic monuments and the White House, you don't even have to break out a sweat! It is a great ride and there are tons of opportunities for photos!

The tour also features a fantastic ride around the tidal basin and the Potomac river.


Safari Highlights

  • Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

  • The White House

  • Tidal Basin, Potomac River, Reflecting Pool, WW11 Memorial

  • Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial

Segway tour taste of DC

 Best of DC Safari    

10am, 2pm, 6pm
Duration:    3 Hours
Cost:           $75 pp

                   Taste of DC Safari

The Best of DC Safari is great for those short on time and looking to do pack everything in while doing something exhilarating,

Safari Highlights

  • FBI Building, National Archives, Navy Memorial

  • Capitol, Sculpture Garden

  • Smithsonian Museums and Castle, Art Gallery, Botanical Garden

  • Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WW11 Memorial

  • The White House and Old Executive Office Building

Cherry Blossoms

    Duration:    3 Hours
Cost:           $85 pp

 Cherry Peeper

The Cherry Blossom is designed for those that want to make the most of their time and see the cherry blossoms during the Festival. Along the way you get to see some wonderful monuments and memorials as well

Safari Highlights


  • Hains Point, Potomac Waterfront

  • Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

  • Tidal Basin, Japanese Pagoda

  • Lincoln, Korean and Vietnam Memorials

  • only offered on specific days during the cherry blossom festival



Safety is a priority, all riders will be provided with helmets and safety equipment as required. Initial rider training and orientation is completed in a private training area with our instructors and guides who will teach each individual fundamental handling techniques and safe operation. All participants are given the opportunity to practice on the Segways until they feel comfortable to start the tour.

-  DC law requires Segway riders to be at least 16 years of age and sidewalk speed to not exceed 10mph. Your cooperation is appreciated

-  Safari routes may vary dependent on time available and street openings. Please call if you have specific routing requests.

-  Segways have a maximum rider weight limit of 260lbs and a minimum of 100lb. It is recommended that pregnant women abstain from riding.

-  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled safari time. All tours leave on time.

- All customers are required to sign a waiver of liability and wear a supplied helmet (bring your own if you prefer)




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